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10 Swimming Pool Worlds Most Beautiful

Kandalama Hotel - Swimming Pool Sri Lanka
Dreams Resort - Swimming Pool MexicoSheraton Waikiki Swimming Pool HawaiiPhuket Swimming Pool ThailandAllegra Hotel Swimming Pool - TurkeyKandalama Hotel - Swimming Pool Sri Lanka

Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Swimming Pool Designs, 10 Swimming Pool Worlds Most Beautiful.

10 most beautiful swimming pool in the world – after tonight I invite you to swim in the beautiful beach of the world, this time re-invite to swim in a pool of mud, huh, no, but in ponds is known as the world’s most beautiful swimming pool.
I’m sure you’ll really …Read More

Fantastic Sunset from Bathroom in Lombok Villa

Malimbu Cliff Villa - Buthtube
Malimbu Cliff Villa - Beautiful PoolMalimbu Cliff Villa - ExteriorMalimbu Cliff Villa - BedroomMalimbu Cliff Villa - BedMalimbu Cliff Villa - Buthtube

Tuesday, March 31, 2015. Hotel and Villa Designs, Fantastic Sunset from Bathroom in Lombok Villa.

When we feel so bored and tired of daily activities, we want to get some relax atmospheres to escape from that such situation. A vacation in villa with the beach landscape in front of your bedroom window and coconut trees that welcome you warmly sound so great to do, right? …Read More

Urbanism Agriculture Concept Ideas

Urbanism Agriculture architecture
Urbanism Agriculture Concept Ideas viewMater plan Urbanism Agriculturelandscape Urbanism Agriculture Concept Ideamaket Urbanism Agriculture Concept IdeaUrbanism Agriculture Concept Ideas

Tuesday, March 31, 2015. 3D Architectures, Urbanism Agriculture Concept Ideas.

3D Architecture Urbanism Agriculture Concept Ideas. New Concept idea came from Greg Chung Whan Park for Architecture Urbanism Agriculture. Brilliants ideas to tackle challenge for urbanism architecture concept and present homes that provide more than just a shelter. This Agricultural Urbanism project tried to combines architecture of modern construction with …Read More

Stylish and Elegant Small Bathroom

Stylish and Elegant Small Bathroom knockout
Creative Stylish and Elegant Small BathroomClassic Stylish and Elegant Small BathroomAttractive Stylish and Elegant Small BathroomStylish and Elegant Small Bathroom knockoutTop Stylish and Elegant Small Bathroom

Saturday, March 28, 2015. Bathroom Interior Ideas, Stylish and Elegant Small Bathroom.

This luxurious bathroom is accented by a Mastella double vanity to tie in the fullness of the bathtub – both pieces being highlighted against the straight contemporary lines of the flooring, mirrors and storage cabinets. The elegant atmosphere is ultimately created by the mixture of metallic tones – from brushed silver …Read More

Luxurious Villa of Modern and Futuristic Design

Modern Luxury Villa Design Dining Room
Modern Luxury Villa Design Dressing AreaModern Luxury Villa Design BathroomModern Luxury Villa Design BedroomModern Luxury Villa Mini HallModern Luxury Villa Design

Saturday, March 28, 2015. Hotel and Villa Designs, Luxury Interior Ideas, Luxurious Villa of Modern and Futuristic Design.

In Spain, there is a villa which name is Casa Son Vida 1. This villa is known to be one luxurious villa in which some combination of modern design and futuristic design meet one to another. Located in a neighborhood in which most style of constriction is Mediterranean, it is …Read More